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A selection of writings on graphic design, architecture + culture

From explorations of US holidays, to an examination of party posters in Trinidad, to a small contribution to a very large archive – these are some of my favourite writings that fall under design and culture.

Design That Blooms,” Caribbean Beat, Issue 141 (Sept/Oct 2016), pp. 36–37

Contributing Writer, The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design (London: Phaidon Press, Sept 2012), p. E015, H026, I003, J011, M021

“The Mesh Solution,” MACO Caribbean Living, Vol 13, Issue 1 (June 2011), pp. 16–19

“Ways of Seeing: The Legacy of John Newel Lewis,” Building Trinidad & Tobago, Sept–Dec 2010, pp. 18–22

“Southern Comfort,” (feature on Bel Air Bay by acla:works) Building Trinidad & Tobago, Jul–Dec 2010, pp. 10–15

“To LEED or not to LEED,” (interview with acla:works associate (now director), Mandilee Newton) Building Trinidad & Tobago, Jul–Dec 2010, pp. 24–27

“Environmental Management Authority,” (building feature) Building Trinidad & Tobago, Jan–Jun. 2009, pp. 14–19

The Earthship Has Landed,” (design report) Caribbean Beat, Sept/Oct 2008, pp. 22–29

“Treasure Island,” (design report) PRINT magazine (New York), Jan/Feb 2007, pp. 64–67

The Business of Holidays (NY: Monacelli Press, Oct 2004):
Chinese New Year: “Dim Sum and Dragons,” pp. 40–47
Presidents’ Day: “The Patriotism of Spending,” pp. 66–73
Ash Wednesday: “Hot Cross Buns,” pp. 80–85
St. Patrick’s Day: “Spending the Green,” pp. 86–95
Christmas: “Xmas Excess,” pp. 234–241

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