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Concept, curation and catalogue design for a group exhibition.

Line started with 6’ high pieces of paper and a call from Yasmin Hadeed and Melissa Miller from Y Art Gallery: would I be interested in curating an exhibition that explored what would happen when we gave artists a single piece of (large!) paper and a single theme from which to work. After talking through several ideas, we decided to explore the theme of “line” first, in part because of its inherent nature as a starting point – an essential element from which ideas are generated.

The interpretation of “line” was left open to invited artists; we encouraged them to not only think about line in the literal or physical sense, but also as something created due to the absence or presence of other elements. We suggested, too, that lines could be representational, as with mental or emotional divisions. We encouraged exploration and play, with ideas and with the paper itself. The results were varied – from an obsessive structural deconstruction and reconstruction of the paper to a blind nerve map self portrait. Nadia Huggins created the graphic for the exhibition, and I played off those lines to create the multi-page catalogue for the show.

SUMMARY | Role: Curator + Graphic Designer (catalogue)
Artists: Ashraph, Eddie Bowen, Susan Dayal, Jade Drakes, Jackie Hinkson, Horacio Hospedales, Paul Kain, Che Lovelace, Joshua Lue Chee Kong, Martin Mouttet, Wendy Nanan, Richard Mark Rawlins
Y Art Gallery Team: Yasmin Hadeed and Melissa Miller

Installation photographs: Melissa Miller / Y Art Gallery