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Graphic design for a leading engineering consultancy.

In existence since 1970, ENCO Limited is one of the region’s leading engineering firms, offering Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Consultancy Services. In late 2016, ENCO asked me to create a cohesive visual system under which the firm could operate – they realised that their visual presence wasn’t aligned with the quality of their team and the experience and specialised skills they brought to their projects.

According to company urban legend, ENCO’s original logo, pictured on the first slide here, was created by a team member who drafted it on a drawing board in the office. I found that quite charming and kept the simplicity of the letters but updated them, evening the spacing and removing the diagonals on the N to square up all the letters, and extending the bar on the E to suggest connection. From there, I created background patterns using engineering symbols, updated their main colour, and added two secondary colours to compliment and contrast.

SUMMARY | Role: Graphic Designer
Includes: Logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, folder, signage, project sheets, stamps, drawing sheet info bars, company profile, CVs and more.