Condell Consulting

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Graphic design for a Monitoring & Evaluation consultancy.

My connection to Elizabeth C. Lloyd was made through a family member of hers I’d done some work for in early 2017. Elizabeth was getting ready to set up an independent Monitoring & Evaluation consultancy, and would I be interested in creating her identity. I said yes – branching off on your own can be a real challenge, and I always admire and try to support those who choose this potentially difficult (but ultimately very rewarding) path for themselves.

At our first meeting, I knew that Elizabeth and I were on our way to creating something good. She trusted me and (partially because I knew absolutely nothing about M&E!), I trusted her as well. We listened to each other and then set off to work. For her identity, I abstracted a constellation of plusses based on the duality of her astrological sign, and chose colours that represent energy, power and passion, balanced with grace and elegance. This was rolled out to the rest of her identity to create a system representative of her achievements and aspirations. Agyei Archer created a number of custom animations for her website, which he built from scratch. Flat versions of these appear on Elizabeth’s CV, and in the Condell Consulting company profile.

SUMMARY | Role: Graphic Designer
Includes: Naming, logo, business card, letterhead, CV, company profile. Creative direction of website, which was built by Agyei Archer.