Forgetful Road

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Design and layout of a book of poetry by Muhammad Muwakil.

Artist Jasmine Thomas-Girvan and I have been chatting about her work for roughly a decade now. So, when she contacted me ahead of “Dreaming Backwards” – her 2016 exhibition at Y Art Gallery – and asked me if I would consider designing a book of Muhammad Muwakil’s poetry that would be sold at the show, I said yes. The budget dictated black and white, and the condensed timeline meant decisions needed to be made quickly. A simple grid was established, and a tooth motif was pulled from the first poem in the book and carried throughout its pages as a metaphor. Muhammad and I worked well together – he trusted me completely with the first of what I hope to be many publications of his work. The 32-page book was designed, laid out and to the printer within a week*. The finishing touches of wrap band with text and feather were conceived and executed by Muhammad, Jasmine, and Alatashe Girvan.

SUMMARY | Designer
Writer: Muhammad Muwakil
Released: November 2016

*It all happened so quickly that I forgot to pick up a copy of the book for myself! I blame the title.