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Website design + writing for one of Trinidad & Tobago’s leading production companies.

I first met Spanish director Miquel Galofré in 2010 when I was part of the team at the trinidad+tobago film festival, and he was an invited guest with his film, Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast? It was his first time in Trinidad & Tobago, and Miquel fell completely in love with T&T. He and I became fast friends, and I was able to witness how much he connected with the country. In a TV interview during that visit, when asked what he thought of T&T, he responded: “Trinidad and Tobago Rrrrrrrrocks!”

Miquel decided then to move to Trinidad and, within a few short months, he was back – roaming around the country and connecting with a wide cross-section of people he met along the way. He documented those intersections, always with deep respect and a sense of playful wonder, as well as a desire to highlight beauty in the everyday. Out of that, he started the company, T&T ROCKS; today, it is one of the most sought-after production companies in the region. I was honoured when Miquel asked me to revamp his website. I designed it with a focus on full-screen, lush and strong visuals that help to convey his deep love of people and connections. I also wrote the text for all section intros, as well as case studies.

SUMMARY | Role: Website Design + Writing
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