Vincent Desiderio: Paintings 1975–2005

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Managing editor of this 250-page monograph on Vincent Desiderio

More than 100 of Desiderio’s works, some of them enormous canvases and triptychs, are faithfully reproduced here, and, thanks in part to five gatefolds their painstaking detail and sweeps of emotion can be truly appreciated. Desiderio’s repeated themes and motifs, appearing in often perplexing narratives of great psychological complexity, strike at the intellect and the heart: art history (often manifested in piles of books open to paintings), human intimacy, heroic behavior and, perhaps most viscerally, the plight of the artist’s handicapped son, Sam. Rounding out the volume are many works on paper and excerpts from the artist’s sketchbooks. (D.A.P.)

As managing editor of this book I worked closely with the book’s editor, Todd Bradway; created and kept the production schedule and budget; and coordinated with the copy-editor and proofreader. I also liaised extensively with the printer to lock down the book’s special moves – gatefolds and overlays and such.

SUMMARY | Role: Managing Editor
Published by: 2005, Distributed Art Publishers (D.A.P.)/Marlborough Gallery, 2005
Edited by: Todd Bradway
Essays by: Mia Fineman, Barry Schwabsky and Lawrence Weschler
Interview by: Donald Kuspit