Che Lovelace: Paintings 2004–2008

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Managing editor + essayist roles on a monograph of Che Lovelace’s work

Che Lovelace and I have had conversations about his work for the past couple of decades, including during his visits to New York when I was working as managing editor at D.A.P. Knowing my love of art books, Che asked me to be involved in the production of this one on his work. Che Lovelace: Paintings 2004–2008 focuses on the artist’s work over a set period, highlighting his exploration of the rich visual and cultural tradition of Trinidad & Tobago’s Carnival. As managing editor I helped to coordinate the writing, editing, printing, design and promotion and, as a writer, I contributed an essay on Che’s creation of his Fast Bowler painting.

SUMMARY | Role: Managing Editor, Essayist
Published: 2009, Robert & Christopher Publishers
Essays by: Melanie Archer, Andy Jacob and Lawrence Scott