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A selection of writings on designers and artists and such.

Who doesn’t enjoy minding other people’s business under the guise of work? Here is a collection of some of my favourite profiles I’ve written over the years. Subjects range across disciplines.

“Danielle Did It,” (profile on filmmaker Danielle Dieffenthaller) MACO People Trinidad, Issue 3, 2016, pp. 22–26

“Delving into the Fine Art of Photography,” (profile on photographer Robert Ramkissoon) MACO People Trinidad, Issue 1, 2016, pp. 18–21

“The Making of T&T,” (profile on designer Marlon Darbeau) MACO Caribbean Living, July 2015, pp. 43–50

“Beauty by Making,” (profile on designer Marlon Darbeau) MACO Sourcebook 2014, pp. 12–19

All the Right Questions,” (profile on photographer Alex Smailes) MACO People Trinidad, Issue 4, Dec 2013, pp. 36–42

Stories for the Eye,” (profile on filmmaker Juan Francisco Pardo) Caribbean Beat, Issue 122, July/Aug 2013, pp. 58–59

Ephemera,” (profile on artist/jeweller Jade Drakes) Draconian Switch, Issue 21, June 2013, pp. 32–43

“Beyond the Bean,” (profile on chocolatier Isabel Brash) MACO Caribbean Living, Vol 13, Issue 1 [June 2011], pp. 80–86

“Gem of a Sculptor,” (profile on artist Jasmine Thomas-Girvan) MACO Caribbean Living, Vol 11, Issue 2 [2009], pp. 50–59

“Colin Laird,” Building Trinidad & Tobago magazine, Jul–Dec 2009, pp. 24–27

“Artist for Change,” (profile on artist Makemba Kunle) MACO Caribbean Living, Vol 10, Issue 4, pp. 78–87

“Embah’s Song,” (profile on artist Embah) MACO Caribbean Living, Vol. 9, Issue 1 [2007], p. 72

SUMMARY | Writing: Profiles
Various publications, 2007–present
Full texts available on request. Full disclosure: quite a few of these people are my friends.

Marlon Darbeau thumbnail category photograph: Damian Libert