The Uncommon Life of Common Objects

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Managing editor of Akiko Busch’s book on the life of common objects

Lovingly illustrated, always touching, sometimes nostalgic and often hilarious, The Uncommon Life of Common Objects, is a topical reader that is at once a personal manifesto, a look at how design influences and responds to our changing lives, and a study of society and its values and the infusion of meaning into inanimate objects. Author Akiko Busch devotes a chapter to each of 12 common objects, and discusses her and others’ experiences that give everyday things their significance. (D.A.P.)

As managing editor of this book I worked with the team at Metropolis magazine (Metropolis Books is a joint venture between D.A.P. and Metropolis), in particular editor Diana Murphy, and George Skelcher who did the lovely, gentle illustrations of the objects. I also created and kept production schedule and budget, and liaised with the printer and graphic designer.

SUMMARY | Role: Managing Editor
Published by: Metropolis Books, 2005 
Written by: Akiko Busch
Edited by: Diana Murphy
Foreword by: Susan S. Szenasy
Original illustrations by: George Skelcher