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Book cover design for a series of Caribbean anthologies.

Peekash Press publishes anthologies featuring the work of emerging Caribbean writers. Although the imprint was founded in 2014, it has only been based in Trinidad and Tobago, where it is run by Bocas Lit Fest, since 2017. I’ve been designing Peekash’s book covers since then under the guidance of Peekash team member Nicholas Laughlin, who had the great idea to create series design cohesion by using contemporary Caribbean art on the covers.

For the first title I worked on, So Many Islands, Nadia Huggins‘ gorgeous underwater/island-based work was featured. Also aptly, Sandra Brewster‘s work was chosen for Thicker Than Water. One of the toughest parts of designing these covers has been finding that one image that is both appropriate and engaging (and can accommodate text and possible back cover enlargement). It’s been a challenging yet fun exercise, though… I’m already looking forward to the next!

SUMMARY | Role: Graphic Designer
Includes development of series cover template plus selection of book cover images. Also includes development of interior book template.
EditorsSo Many Islands: Nicholas Laughlin with Nailah Folami Imoja; Thicker Than Water: Funso Aiyejina

Thumbnail photograph: Nicholas Laughlin
So Many Islands cover photo: Vincent O’Neil/Bocas Lit Fest