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A selection of critical art writing and related interviews.

Writing about art and artists from a critical or historical standpoint doesn’t always come easily to me. That being said, once I’ve grappled with themes and sifted through ideas it is the kind of writing that gives me the greatest satisfaction (once I’ve emailed the final draft to my editor, of course!).

“A Starting Line,” (catalogue/curator’s essay for the group exhibition, “Line”) Y Art Gallery, May 22 to Jun 10 2017

“The Things We Keep,” (catalogue essay for group exhibition featuring Alicia Milne, Jaime Lee Loy, Michelle Isava, and Nadia Huggins) Medulla Art Gallery, Mar 23 to 01 May 2017

After the Leap,” (introduction to a portfolio of images by photographer Nadia Huggins) Caribbean Beat, Issue 134, Jul/Aug 2015, pp. 56–64

“See Me Here: A Survey of Contemporary Self-Portraits from the Caribbean,” (introduction, with Mariel Brown) See Me Here (T&T: Robert & Christopher Publishers, Apr 2014), p. 4

A Lesser Known Paradise,” Caribbean Beat, Issue 127, May/Jun 2014, p. 24

“A Patterned Language: The Paintings of Dermot Punnett,” ARC Magazine, Issue 7, May 2013, pp. 08–15

“Behind the Bridge: The Work of Roberta Stoddart,” 6 Carlos magazine, Issue 4, Feb 2013, pp. 30–35

“Pictures from Paradise: A Survey of Contemporary Caribbean Photography,” (introduction, with Mariel Brown) Pictures from Paradise (T&T: Robert & Christopher Publishers, Apr 2012), p. 4

“Where We Still Belong,” (on the work of artist, Marcel Pinas) ARC Magazine, Issue 3, Jul 2011, pp. 68–75

Turn of the Tide,” (on the work of artist, Holly Bynoe) The Caribbean Review of Books, March 2011

“Stranger than Paradise,” (on the work of artist, Blue Curry) The Caribbean Review of Books, November 2010

“Notes on (a) Painting,” (monograph essay) Che Lovelace: Paintings 2004-2008 (T&T: Robert & Christopher Publishers, Mar 2009), pp. xi–xv

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